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We welcome Bethany Nowviskie as Digital Library Federation director!


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    This blog was coauthored by Sara Mannheimer and Jason A. Clark. Metadata is a love note to the future…except when it’s not understood. While attending RDAP 2015 last month, we noted a recurring question from the field of research...

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  • Posted in: Re:Thinking

    Kenning Arlitsch, dean of the library at Montana State University, coauthored this blog with Patrick O'Brien, semantic web research director at Montana State University. A new toolkit that helps libraries measure and monitor the search engine...

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    Some time in the first decade of the twenty-first century, what used to be called “humanities computing” until then gave way to a supposedly new field, “digital humanities.” At that point, the word “humanities” in the description shifted within the...

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    Large-scale cultural heritage aggregations are designed to open up access to library, archives, and museum collections on a massive scale by making them freely available on the web. Professionals in the field, active enthusiasts, and members of the...

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