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From Bitstreams to Heritage: Putting Digital Forensics into Practice in Collecting Institutions This white paper examines the application of digital forensics methods to materials in collecting institutions – particularly libraries, archives and museums. It is a product of the BitCurator project and is written by Drs. Christopher A. Lee, Frances Carroll McColl Term Professor and research associate, Kam Woods of SILS; Matthew Kirschenbaum, associate director of MITH; and SILS doctoral student Alexandra Chassanoff. 

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  • College Librarian / Associate Director, Educational...

    Posted in: Job Connect Responsibilities Yale-NUS College embraces a complex curriculum that reaches across a variety of disciplines and introduces...

  • Applications Developer, University of Michigan Library...

    Posted in: Job Connect

    The University of Michigan Library Systems Office is seeking a talented and resourceful applications developer to help our team develop new systems and services while enhancing and troubleshooting our existing applications and infrastructure. Major...

  • Director, Digital Media Commons, University of Michigan...

    Posted in: Job Connect

    Job Summary The University of Michigan Library in Ann Arbor invites nominations and applications for the position of Director of the Digital Media Commons (DMC). The Director is responsible for leading an innovative sandbox focused on discovery,...

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  • Tim Norris

    Morality in Information Ecosystems


    As a newcomer to the world of libraries and information science with training in ecology and geography, I struggle with the metaphor of “information ecosystem” that is enthusiastically used to describe human-built information systems. I expressed...

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  • Christa Williford

    Digitizing Hidden Collections: What You've Told Us


    Back in April , we announced that we were discontinuing Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives in its current form and that we were working to replace it with a program that could accommodate funding the digitization of rare...

  • Hannah Rasmussen

    When Good Enough is Better than Perfect


    When I was a PhD student I had a terrible habit of wanting something to be perfect before I’d let anyone see it. In hindsight, I started to refer to this as being stuck in a “perfection trap.” That’s one of many reasons it took me six years to...

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  • photo not available

    Transitions, Career Paths, and the Lessons of Community Building


    This past week, I have taken time to reflect on the four-plus years I have dedicated to the Digital Library Federation program and the community it serves. It has been an exciting, transformational time in which I have grown professionally,...

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