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Report from Access Conference 2013

Access Conference 2013 , which wrapped up...conference with his keynote looking back at 20...through not only the history of the conference...conference and encouraged everyone to facilitate

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Hacking the Conference Experience: The 2012 DLF Forum

conferences, for the most part, remain static with...overdue that we need to hack the conference...traditional conference experience with the dynamic...after we check out of the conference hotel

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Opening Open Repositories

the 9th annual International Conference...year’s five-day conference, held June 9-13...conference series. OR conference participants...the second annual conference in San

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Not the Usual Suspects

Making," at the 2013 SXSWi conference. For...Interactive (SXSWi) is one of three conferences...join them at the conference . They see...around the conference venue. Some were even

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Thinking Outside the Box: Crafting a Culture of Library Collaboration at The Collective

… The Collective conference bag...Collective , a conference held March 2-3, 2017 in...the conference swag-bag and instantly set...the tone of the conference. This initial

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NDSA: Fostering a Community of Practice for Digital Stewardship

conference management support, expertise...annual conference, Digital Preservation 2017...the conference program is available here...will be the second year that the conference

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A Roadmap for Data Services

Curation Conference— the conference for anyone...Conference papers are also available. One...innovation. The IDCC conference is a...SXSWi , and the Strata Conference for

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Small Steps (or One Email) Can Make a World of Difference

making an effort to only attend conferences...conference attendees AND presenters. A code of...other conference organizers to hack our...-harassment policies at conferences , advocating

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The Bright Side of Competition

at the IFLA conference were characterized...conference attendees participating in a...innovation. Library conferences are often...conversations sparked between conference sessions

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IDCC: Building an International Community of Practice

Annual International Data Curation Conference...annual conference. But what are the resources...professional conference? This is a...-person half-day conference