The 3Cs of a Computer Programming Essay

By Jack Larson posted 01-25-2021 20:03


Without the computer programming industry, computers, the internet, cell phones, and video games would not exist. Computer programming courses in universities and colleges provide opportunities for graduates to become computer programmers and perform other IT-related jobs.

As part of the assessment, students are required to develop computer programming essays. For high scores, essays are required to meet specified criteria. This article provides an overview of the 3Cs of a computer programming essay, namely clear, concise, and compelling.


A good computer programming essay should be clear in that it should be short and to the point. Read and understand the question well and provide well-articulated answers directly while observing the word count. 

Assume that you are the reader and ask yourself whether anyone can pick up the essay and understand it. Present it in a way that your readers can easily navigate through your thoughts. Use some smooth transitions to allow readers to easily connect with the highlighted points.

As you proceed with your writing, go back and try to get a stunning start to establish if there is a smooth flow of facts. If your thoughts seem not to be logically organized, talk them through aloud, and later capture them on paper. 

After developing the draft essay, put your work aside and come back later for review. Allow yourself enough time, say a week, to think, write the draft, and edit. You can engage a third party to edit your work. Get feedback from other people and never submit your essay until you confirm that it is grammatically correct.


Establish what you want to say before you decide how you want to write it. Focus on eloquence and substance and think of your content thoroughly. Careful selection of words is important for the content to flow and be clearly understood. 

Use strong modifiers and verbs that descriptively and accurately get the image right. Avoid sounding impressive by using jargon and complex statements. Use a few words by cutting unnecessary adverbs, auxiliary verbs, and prepositional phrases. 

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To stand out, you need to be creative, original, and prompt in your essay. Tell your readers of something they have not heard for a long time. Let your ideas flow in such a way that your readers want to find more about your topic. Show your unique ability to use content to engage your readers. 

You can include anecdotes and concrete examples in your essay instead of abstract generalizations. For instance, if you purport to be a leader in your area, give a story to prove this. 

Avoid cramming your thoughts and putting them into writing, but instead, develop a beginning that is attractive to the reader. Vary sentence openers and length by introducing each thought using different parts of a speech. This can break the monotony of reading and create balance and rhythm. 

Adopt a genuine tone and balance confidence calmly and attractively. Pay attention to theoretical stuff creatively and cover relevant technologies rather than concentrating on coding. The idea is to be yourself and make your readers understand who you are through the essay writing process.