Trendy Ways to Make Money Emerging from the Pandemic

By Jack Larson posted 01-30-2021 17:37


The current pandemic has changed the way many businesses operate, forcing them online and leading to many innovations. Many people have lost their jobs and have to be more flexible and creative to find new ways to make money. 

Creating contactless technologies or becoming an app developer can make you plenty of money but you will need tech skills to do this. However, developing an innovative e-learning course, becoming an audiobook narrator or an online beauty consultant is within reach of many people. 

E-learning innovators

Traditional educational institutions battled during the pandemic, whereas online learning flourished. Companies making money from e-learning are having a boom and this shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

Along with trends like gamification and microlearning, experts in e-learning are using innovations from other fields to improve user experience. There is tremendous interest in online courses and webinars, with course creators coming up with personalized learning experiences. SEO for Growth offers information about the best online SEO courses

Virtual beauty consultants

When people were stuck at home during the pandemic, they were unable to keep their regular beauty appointments. This led to many beauticians taking their services online. Thanks to advances in technology, they can offer online consultations and charge for them. 

They have found that with an online website, they have access to many more clients than when they were limited by physical space. Many of them have managed to establish a successful online presence and make more money than they made before. 

Contactless technology creators

Contactless technologies, such as voice-activated sanitizers, have become increasingly popular to prevent the spread of germs. Contactless payments, such as digital wallets, not only offer flexibility and convenience but don’t contain germs like notes and coins. Many retailers are now accepting some form of contactless payment. 

Enterprising vendors are introducing tons of new contactless, touch-free solutions, such as no-touch door opening, sensor technology that can detect gestures and even contactless temperature screening. If you have created new contactless technology and want to make sure that your website is as innovative as your technology, Kansas City web designers can create it for you. 

App developers

If tech is your strong point, it is worth trying to develop a mobile app. Mobile app development can pay very highly but it does require knowledge of coding and software engineering. However, even graphic designers who focus on the user interface can earn money on app development projects. It is extremely important for apps to be user-friendly. 

Apps of all kinds are being used in every industry and so there is a huge demand for app development skills. An MVP is an elemental version of an app and app developers can use it to test the viability of an idea. They need to iron out any functionality issues before putting an app out there. 

Audiobook narrators

Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular and the convenience of being able to use a smartphone to listen to a book has lead to an industry boom. Those who have a good voice and a passion for performing are finding being an audiobook narrator is a good way to make money. 

These narrators need to be conscious of loudness, pacing and consistency with the voices of characters. There are big production companies that do in-house recordings but there are also individuals who prefer to work solo in their home studios. Working as independent contractors may offer less job security but it also gives them more flexibility and a chance to set their own rates. 

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